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01 Jan 2018

Gap years

I used to entertain myself with naïve thoughts about how Chapter 2 would begin. At one point I was pretty determined it’d begin with my enrolment into a grad school as I bypassed formal undergrad studies. Or more ambitiously in the event that I design an algorithmic-game-theory-based trading bot to exploit the Chinese stock market. Or a more recent thought, in the event that I start an AI research lab with a middle-aged scientist from Italy I met while travelling in China in early 2016.

None of the events’ve occurred, and I’ve ended up delaying Chapter 2 by taking a gamble with the scientist from Italy, and investing wholeheartedly in a romantic relationship with a really cute girl I met in a Sino-Russian equinox party. The scientist from Italy, despite having a decent peer-reviewed publication record with 700+ citations, turned out to be a self-delusional hypocrite. And the girl, despite having one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen, turned out to be the main source of my self-hatred inducing a spiral of depressive behaviours in the next 18 months before the entanglement came to a bitter end. Nonetheless they had both taught me a lot in many aspects of life I would otherwise reckon as a pure waste of time. And thanks to them I managed to gain a deeper insight into my own behaviour patterns and reactive tendencies. But the truth remains the gamble and investment didn’t yield the result and romance I’d love to have. And I had let many days slip past without much accomplishment. I can’t afford to lose any more time.

The actual Chapter 2 begins with my resignation from the position of CEO with 0% vested share in a start-up I co-founded four months ago with the scientist from Italy and a UK professor, after the previous start-up co-founded by the two (wherein I was employed as the lead architect and developer) failed miserably with €40k seed investment. After discovering that the scientist from Italy was highly inadequate to be a co-founder and experiencing it first-hand in proximity as a collaborator, I decided to dismiss him and repurchase his share. I couldn’t reach a consensus with the UK professor however. The professor agreed it was a logical thing to do but couldn’t get himself to force this friend of his who he had known for 10 years to walk way empty-handed. Being both the CEO and the only person constituting the bus factor and yet couldn’t get the company to take a logical step at its infancy to ensure its survival, I saw no points in staying.

I will be conducting a lot more start-up experiments in Chapter 2. And I will make things right this round. With the right people.


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